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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

December 17, 2007

Chills and thrills

four seasons
we know em all
i was yet to see
what Winter felt like

living here in this warm land
i knew not what it was
to feel cold
to put on mittens and gloves

knew not what it was
to wear sweaters
to cuddle up in front of the fire....


and then it happened
was beautiful
little drops of ice
sitting pretty on the fence

sun,taking a peek
clouds, bright and white
cool air flowing through my hair
ah,i now knew it
i knew what winter was.

wish i could take you back
lock you up in a box
hide you in my closet
for me to savor everyday...

Aaarti (c) 18th Dec 07


SweetTalkingGuy said...

What a great idea, if only we could put the different seasons in a box and bring them out when we wanted to!
Lucky you! - living in a warm place, it's freezing here.

priya said...

little drops of ice
sitting pretty on the fence

- Enjoyed these lines.

My blog url is changed to -

Winter is always beautiful with all white crystals hanging in everywhere.

gautami tripathy said...

Give me winters anythime. I love it!

reading room

Rambler said...

ah nice to find a fellow winter lover :)

Just Jen said...

it's not that great when you live with it...hehe
lots of snow here but unfortunately, no fireplace except a fake pillow one my mom made one year for a Christmas present. My youngest is convinced it turns into a real fireplace for Santa to get
I love the ice part, its so beautiful!

paisley said...

each season is at its most beautiful when encountered in small doses... very nice poem....

Crafty Green Poet said...

I lived in Malawi for two years and couldn't get used to the heat - we pinned up snow scenes on the walls to remind ourselves of winter!

rwellsrwells said...

Hi Aarti, I had a friend visiting from Delhi who had been born and raised in Kashmir. I took him for a ride into the winter mountains of WA state, and we stopped at a ski area. He hadn't seen snow in 15 years and he stood outside the car weeping. I then took him to a little eastern WA town by the name of Cashmere, and its hills and orchards took him home again. Thanks for your poem, it reminded me...

Mary Timme said...

I've always live with snow and I think that I never want to be without that change in the season, where cold bites your nose. What a charming poem to let us know what the difference. Thank you!

Aaarti said...

@sweettalkingguy - i know, that would make life so much more fun... i keep wishing we had snow where i live, and tell my friends to bottle some and send it across.. :)
wow, i love cold weather,cos here thru the year its either hot or warm ,except dec when it gets cool..:)

@priya - thanks girl.. wrote that poem in a matter of seconds..literally... did chk out ur blog n left u a note..

@gautami - thanks.... btw,u on AKn on ryze???

@Rambler- oh,yes, i love winters, wish i lived in a place that had proper winters...

Aaarti said...

@just jen - how cute@the pillow.. i've always wondered if people in other parts of the world had fire places to cuddle up in front of... Thot it was like part of your house...:)

@paisely - ur name reminded me of Brad paisely(the singer)... thanks for the lovely comment and coming by..

@crafty green poet - whoa,i havent gone to that extent yet.. but still look at snow pictures on the comp and go sigh~~

@rwellsrwells - wow,what you did for your friend was sweet.. glad i reminded u of the days...:)

@Mary Timme - lucky u...i've seen snow only once, when i had gone up north(in india) n always wanted to live where i could open my door n see snow outside...

Jeques said...

I, too, came from a warm country, the Philippines and I easily connect to your sentiments of wishing for snow and dreaming of winter. Here's how my first snow happened, click link below:

I wish you this season well.

~ Jeques

Anonymous said...

lovely, beautiful was just wonderful reading...very nice!

UL said...

Loved your poetry, I would rather have spring or autumn in a box though, winter is a no-no. :) I can stand it for a day, no more!Welcome to WI,


Jeevy said...

ah! lovely!
I loved it! :)

nice blog


backpakker said...

liked the imagery in your poetry

Meghna said...

Hi Aarti,
I'm new down here but I loved what I read! Your blog is fabulous. The posts are fun to read and enjoyable too. Count me in as a regular reader, now onwards!
Lovely poem this one! Winters are actually great! I love'em too!