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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

November 20, 2007

Caferati - readmeet of sorts - 18th Nov

Last Saturday we had our meet at Mocha, and this time it was not the usual write something on a topic, read it out, etc kinda readmeet.. it was filled with exercises that helped us go beyond our realm and look for words that would remain with us and help us change our writing styles..

here is one such exercise.. we were all teamed in 3's and given a sentence and had to build a story.. something we've done in schoool or college.. where one person would write a sentence, fold the paper,pass it on and so on.. finally the complete story is read out and trust me, it cant get any hilarious...wacko.. crazyyy ;)

Writers : Lavanya, Sharanya, Aaarti
The sentence given to begin with - 'There is never enough sugar in Mocha'

'There is never enough sugar in Mocha', said Shilpi, as she licked the spoon dark with chocolate that dripped down to her cleavage and mingled with the sweat in her valley, like a river of mud.

Shilpi had recently been in a TV commercial purportedly for shampoo, the highlight of which was a close-up on said bounteous bosoms with the glowing words 'Volume Boost' emblazoned across them. She put the
spoon down and sighed.

Staring at the TV, she could feel her eyes water and mouth go dry. She longed for a Paneer Frankie and a cold coffee.

'Waiter', she called, and a tall man in a hat and handlebar moustache appeared, hiding a conspicuous bulge in his too-tight red silk pants, with a little teacup with floral engravings along the edge.

'I'm coming, ma'am, I'm coming', he said, a little too enthusiastically. 'give me some sugar', she said. The bulbous waiter nearly fell over, composed himself, then scuttled away again.

She waited and waited, grew tired, and just got off the seat, marched into the kitchen, taking the waiter by his collar and stared him down.

'I knew you would come here', the waiter said, his name tag - Senthilnathan Anbazhagan - gleaming menacingly in the harsh glow of the lone kitchen bulb.

'Oh really?', she replied dismissively, 'Did your horoscope tell you that? Your parrot astrology?" And with that, she stood up and swayed off, swishing her hair. .... ;o)


Anonymous said...

hmmm...this one was a nice innovative exercise & the topic that much interesting...Nice reading!

backpakker said...

interesting know what ? and you write very well . There is a blog called writers island-somewhere on word press..check it out if you havent as yet

Aaarti said...

@Kalyan - yep, it was fun, transported us to our school days when we used to play this game... was howlariousss....

@ Lakshmi- thanks girl. sure means a lot.. i did manage to track down that blog ur talking about.. thanks again~~

Vik said...

LOL all for a shampoo ad. It suddenly felt like a soft porn and I was riding on this imaginary horse thinking she would go to the kitchen to find the guy and you know da rest LOL.

It was nice and I guess I have come into another blog of yours. I think I will find out wher you write more often by tonight !

Vik said...

Oh you have this nice package of words in the comment page .. LOL my comment and that from my garden and eventually in your tapestry.. God bless your end result LOL