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April 21, 2013

Conversation with God

Here goes a conversation between a 5yr old and God

5yr old- Good morning God, please let me my mother let me go out and play. Please let there be no summer camp today

God: what a sweet child. Go ahead, i grant you your wishes

5yr old: Yayy, what a fun day today is going to be. Ma, can i go out and play for sometime? I want to try the new top dadda got me

Mom: yes, go ahead. dont go too far.

5yr old: Yes amma. I wont. [goes out to play]

Bad man whisks her away and rapes/abuses her, literally killing her in the process... 

The 5yr old today: God, I need to talk to you, where are you?

God:  yes my child

5yr old: What is wrong with me? Why did that man do what he did?

God: *silence*

5yr old: what did I do? was I a bad girl like amma says?

God: *silence*

5yr old: You only made me like this no.. tell me why I am in pain now?

God: *silence*

5yr old: what will happen to me now? everybody around me is staring at me, I am scared

God: *silence*

5yr old: is it wrong that I wanted to play? is it because I prayed that there be no summer camp that day?

God: *silence*

5yr old: Will you find and punish the bad man for me please?

God: *silence*... I sure will.. 

5yr old: thank you.. and make sure nobody else goes through what i have. I don't want such bad things to happen to anybody else.. 

God: *silence*

5yr old: *cries in pain* and turns away.............. 

Mom: shut up, dont cry.. people will hear you... *God knows what other ill luck is going to be bestowed upon us*  

Everytime something like this happens, I wonder - God is the one who created us, He is the one who put ideas and thoughts in our head, and so I wonder- why He made MEN the way they are, esp the rapists, abusers, murderers ---> criminals of all kinds....

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