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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

May 12, 2009

Summer ...


Blazing sun
Piercing rays
Sweltering heat
Sweat trickling from within

Cold water
Ice cream
Tender coconut rage
Melting chocolate
The beach
Hill stations

Cotton suits
Yearnin for rain

Exam time
School holidays
Childhood days
Train journey
Endless movies..

i know now
Summer is here!!!!

Aaarti (c) 23rd April 09


Anonymous said...

Summer, so beautiful expressed....every season has its own me this season is also about pranks and fun with friends....lovely words!

Pavithra said...

Wow lovely words... Nice one

Simply Poet said... truly an awesome collection of poems do check out,a place where poets/writers interact,comment,critique and learn from each would provide a larger audience to your blog!!