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April 9, 2008

[3WW] Memories

here is my contribution for today's 3WW.

interesting words.... got my creative cells going.. reminiscing the good ol days.. :)


Rusty old chairs
Creaking with every move
eyes hovering across the hall
familiar faces light them up

smile tweaking at the corner of the mouth

Theater, bringing back memories
movies, sitting on mom's lap
craning the neck
to catch a glimpse

[of kamal and rakhi]

Ah.. those were the days
Remember every minute
as if it were yesterday

peeled off paint on the seat
narrow lanes leaving no leg room

Funny, how days have gone by
time seems to fly by
memories i know,
it shall never erase..

Aaarti (c) 9th april..11.30pm

[was suddenly remembering the days when i've been to movies with my parents and how it was back then... and apparently during this movie -"ek tuje ke liye", i fell down right after the interval, hurt myself on the chin- still have the scar, was bleeding and we all rushed home..]

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paisley said...

then i should say you will never forget your visit to the theater as a child... you described the theater seats just like gautami... i wonder if it was the same place.....

pia said...

I was actually going to say what Paisley did. Were all Indian theaters glamorous--in keeping with the movie

priya said...

Such a cute post and those days it was always beautiful.

pjd said...

the explanation at the end (still have the scar) really illuminates the "shall never erase" line.

tumblewords said...

A scar to remind you of those wonderful times. Love this post!

vishesh said...

nice....will make a good movie i think ;)

TC said...

Time does fly.

Welcome to 3WW! :)

onemorebeliever said...

it shall never erase... beautiful

Anonymous said...

wow! those brought back lots of memories !-)

anthonynorth said...

Excellent remembrance there.

Vimmi said...

So true my girl, time fly and it surely never come back...ah!!! those days from my life were precious ones too...