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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

May 4, 2005


I weave a tapestry,of words in my diary
Surrounded by things I love
Photographs and memories wrapping my empty soul
Semi-dark room full of bright colors.
My dog,she stares at me while I create a
carpet of words, on sheets of paper
Words are my love and my companion.
All my thoughts,dreams,desires, which are words,
Reach out to you like a bolt of lightning,
Emotions igniting the edges of the paper.
I feel higher than being on Cloud no: 9.
I keep my emotions
Locked up inside me, in my diary
Like a haunting melody,that stays in your mind
Never to be forgotten

Aarti @ 29/4/05

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